Portuguese Course

A course aimed at those who want to learn the Portuguese language, the culture of Lusophony people (Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, Macau, Angola, etc.) increasing their world view and communication potential by learning the ninth most spoken language in the world (252 million speakers among them 13 million non-native speakers). Classes without translation that are based on a simple day to day life. Here at Oak Language School, students can develop skills of:

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Can communicate with formulaic and rote utterances, lists, and phrases.
At this level the student will be able to understand and use familiar everyday expressions, in addition to answering memorized questions with simple statement, and will also understand frequent expressions and phrases regarding personal and family information.

Can create with language, ask, and answer simple questions on familiar topics, and handle a simple situation or transaction.

The student can deal with topics such as leisure, school, and work, as well as everyday situations in the country where the target language is used.

In writing, it is possible to create simple texts, describing experiences, desires, some event, or fact. At the intermediate level the student already has a good fluency that allows him to interact with native English speakers, communicating effortlessly, to speak and understand; they can even defend their own points of view in the discussions, pointing out pros and cons on different issues addressed.

Can narrate and describe in all major time frames and handle a situation with a complication.
The advanced level student uses the language for both personal and professional and academic purposes. Writing and reading are features of the advanced level.
The student is able to understand a wide variety of long texts with a greater degree of complexity, as they require thorough knowledge of the language. At this level the student recognizes what is being said implicitly or figuratively.

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Here you study at your own pace from anywhere.
At Oaks Language School our classes are 100% online and we rely on innovative methods to help you take your language skills to the next level.